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Discover some of the stories and research behind the making of The Clopton Trail below...

An actor playing the role of 'Kit' - a young man from medieval Coventry.

Meet Kit

Meet your tour guide Kit - an apprentice to a Master Painter and a man in search of some breakfast!
A detail of a stained glass window showing Hugh Clopton

Meet Hugh Clopton

Meet Hugh Clopton - wealthy merchant, one-time Lord Mayor of London and one of Stratford's most prominent citizens.
Stratford Guild Chapel stands at the corner of a road junction with a clouded sky behind it.

Hugh Clopton and the Guild Chapel

Find out more about the history of Stratford upon Avon's Guild Chapel, and the influence Hugh Clopton had upon it.
An artistic illustration of New Place in c.1483.

Hugh Clopton’s New Place

New Place was bought and rebuilt in the late 15th century by Hugh Clopton as his Stratford residence. It was later owned by William Shakespeare.
A closeup of the black-and-white timber beamed Guildhall.

The Guildhall and Hugh Clopton

Learn more about Stratford's wonderful Guildhall - described as "one of the most atmospheric, magical and important buildings in the whole of Britain".
A view looking up at Holy Trinity church against a blue sky.

Holy Trinity Church and Hugh Clopton

Learn about the importance of Holy Trinity church in the story of Stratford upon Avon and how it may have looked in Hugh Clopton's day.
A view of Clopton Bridge.

A Bridge to History

The bridge across the River Avon paid for by Hugh Clopton has stood for over 500 years. Explore the history of this remarkable structure.
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